Thursday, 29 March 2012

here are some of the finished critters

monster making

I have been making lots of eyes for my monsters as they will hopefully be on sale in the June and July session of paper scissors stone in cabot circus, bristol.  I realised I'd better pull my finger out and get stocked up!
This is where the little socks get their personalities, faces and rice for their insides.  then they are piled up on the floor while they patiently wait for their name tags.

Monday, 19 March 2012

the big scribble

as a member of brillustration I was invited to take part in the big scribble at ashton gate primary school.  a large roll of paper was taped to the floor and children and illustrators were let loose with pens and crayons.  a lot of it actually ended up on the paper - result!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I finally started a blog!

I did start a blog on my own website but realised that not many people were going to see it - so I started a blogger page and here it is...

this is what I was working on yesterday, I have recently discovered the wonders of drawing and working digitally, I start by making a drawing on paper and then scan and trace it on the computer by hand.  it's quite exciting for me!

some one said that they looked a bit quiet, so I'm thinking of adding some speech bubbles, and trying to imagine what it is that each one is saying.  the little cats started out as drawings of dogs, which I've left at the studio but I'm hoping to show how they were transformed, step by step.